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South Africa:
Ten Years of the Stay-at-Home




The following two articles published in International Socialism Nos.5 & 6, the summer and autumn issues of 1961, were, for obvious reasons, attributed to the Socialist League of Africa at the time. In fact they were by Baruch Hirson.

They have been OCRed and corrected by Ted Crawford, to whom (at his own wish) the blame of any errors of transcription may be attributed. It was republished on the Revolutionary History website with the kind permission of the present editor of International Socialism (second series). Ted Crawford has been kind enough to pass the articles on to REDS – Die Roten.

In his original introduction on the Revolutionary history site Ted Crawford expressed the following wish: “There are many very stimulating articles from this magazine whose early issues are now extremely difficult to get hold of and it would be a service to the movement if a great many more of them were available on-line.” This is a wish that we at REDS – die Roten will be endeavouring to fulfil over the next months and years.

At Baruch Hirson’s funeral Ted Crawford met the courier who brought the article to England and gave it to Michael Kidron, the then editor of International Socialism. It is perhaps now hard to imagine that in those not so distant days it involved a long sea voyage.



Other articles by Baruch Hirson on South Africa history and contemporary issues can be found on the Revolutionary History website at


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