Tony Cliff


Class Struggle and Women’s Liberation



My thanks to Mary Phillips for doing a lot of translation from the German, and Donny Gluckstein from the French. Many comrades read the manuscript and helped with their comments: Abbie Bakan, Ian Birchall, Norah Carlin, Lindsey German, Pete Goodwin, Noel Halifax, Sheila MacGregor, Ann Rogers, Ahmed Shawki, Harriet Sherwood, Lionel Sims, Sharon Smith, Lionel Starling and Jane Ure-Smith. Special thanks to Alex Callinicos who put a great amount of work into editing the manuscript, and to Peter Marsden for bringing the book to publication.

Above all I am indebted to Chanie Rosenberg, who radically revised, made readable and typed different versions of the work three times. But my debt to her is far greater than this, and consists of the unfailing moral support and friendship she gave me during the two years it took me to write the work.

Tony Cliff


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