Socialist Workers League


Down With the Government of War Against the Palestinians and the Workers!
Victory to the Intifada!

(August 2001)

This leaflet was distributed on a demonstration in Nazareth.
Published here in solidarity with those struggling against oppression in Israel/Occupied Palestine
Transcribed by Daniel Rubinstein.
Marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for REDS – Die Roten.

The Palestinian struggle for national liberation is part of the mass struggle in the Middle East against imperialism and its client local regimes, as well as of the world struggle against capitalist globalization and the international imperialist order.

As the latest American-British air strikes clearly show, the present Zionist-imperialist policy is leading the region to a full-scale war. Israel’s aim in this war will be to stabilize Israeli occupation of the West Bank and Gaza by destroying the Palestinian Authority, which at present is playing a Bonapartist role and is not efficient enough as an instrument for the repression of the Palestinian uprising. The Zionists want to impose a new “cantonal” order in the Territories, in which they will deal with many local cooperators depending directly on Israel, as well as to carry out a series of long-planned war crimes, such as the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians from areas close to the “settlement blocks.” The occupation of the Orient House, for which Hamas’ suicide bombing provided a suitable excuse, is another step in the ongoing destruction of the Palestinian Authority.

In this situation, die-hard Oslo supporters like Gush Shalom and Hadash call for an “international force” in order to “defend” the Palestinians and stop the “spiral of violence”. Violence? There is only on violent side, and that is the Zionist colonialist supported by imperialism! The struggle of the Palestinian people is a legitimate struggle for national liberation. International Protection? What kind of international force are the Oslo supporters talking about? The same international imperialist force that bombed the inhabitants of Iraq and Serbia? Or perhaps the Italian police that killed and wounded the Genoa demonstrators? The Russian police that assassinates Chechens? The British police that helped the pogromists in Manchester and Oldham? The truth is that those who call for “international protection” want the defeat of the Intifada in order to save the imperialist order and the rotten regimes it leans upon.

Now is the time to create a united front in order to bring down the government of war criminals, and to support the struggle for national liberation of the Palestinians in their entire historic homeland.


Socialist Workers League

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