Let Us Turn the Land Day
into a Day of Mass Struggles
on Both Sides of the Green Line!

This leaflet was distributed during the Land Day demonstration.
We are publishing it here to show solidarity with socialists fighting Zionist oppression at the sharp end.
Transcribed by Daniel Rubinstein.
Marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for REDS – Die Roten.

The mass participation in the Land Day demonstrations this year is an inseparable part of the revolutionary struggle against the Oslo Agreements and for the right of the Palestinian people to self-determination in the whole territory of historic Palestine. In October last year the Palestinian population in Israel took to the streets in a common fight with the Palestinian masses on the other side of the Green Line. The Barak government, which the opposition parties (including the Communist Party) called us to vote for with the argument that it represented “the lesser evil”, murdered 13 Palestinian citizens of Israel for taking part in the demonstrations.

The Zionists carried out this massacre in order to break the common struggle, but they failed to attain their aims. While the Palestinian people in the Territories occupied in 1967 continued to struggle bare-handed against tanks and rockets, against the criminal closure and the settlers’ terror, the Palestinian masses within Israel expressed their protest in February by boycotting the elections. A considerable number of Jews showed their solidarity by either abstaining or putting a blank ballot.

The formation of the present “national unity” government shows that there is no difference between the Zionist right and left. The Sharon-Peres government was created because of the failure of the attempt to continue the oppression of the Palestinian people under the cover of the “peace process” and the so-called “two states for two peoples” strategy. The government of war criminal Sharon and his spokesman Peres is a government of war not only against the Palestinians and the Iraqi people, but also against the working class. It is committed to the freezing of salaries, the growth of unemployment, the destruction of the education, health and housing systems, and the unconditional defense of the capitalists’ profits. In spite of Sharon’s promise to the Communist Party MPs that the government will stop the land confiscations within the Green Line, it will continue the expropriations and the racist policies against both the Palestinian “citizens of Israel” and the Oriental Jews living in the “(under)development towns”.

In this Land Day we express our complete solidarity with the Palestinian uprising. In order for the struggle against occupation, oppression and discrimination to win, the Palestinian masses on both sides of the Green Line must remain united, and the Intifada must be extended to the neighboring Arab countries, whose dictatorial rulers are vile servants of imperialism. It is also indispensable to mobilize the Jewish working masses under the slogan: The social liberation of the working class can be achieved only if the Jewish workers support the Palestinian struggle for national liberation!


Militants for the Fourth International

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Last updated on 8.8.2001