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Subject: Palestinian women's Demonstration
Date: Thu, Mar 22, 2001, 2:52 AM


Monday 19th March
Palestinian Women's Demonstration

At eleven o’clock hundreds of Palestinian Women went out on a peaceful demonstration to the new military checkpoint, which was established by the Israelis within the new Sharon plan that has included 90 new military posts within the West Bank and Gaza. This new checkpoint was placed at Kalandia, a refugee camp north of Jerusalem to consolidate the severing of Jerusalem from the rest of the West Bank and another checkpoint only half a mile away set up at Al-Ram neighborhood since 1991 for the same purpose. The women raised their voices in demand of protection for the Palestinians, implementing UN resolutions and to establish a just peace and guarantee security. The women’s voices was lifted high in the space of Jerusalem in the hope that they would find echo in the Arab world and internationally. The policy of mass punishment is increasingly suffocating the Palestinians and the Israelis intend to make the Palestinians succumb as a result of Sharon’s aggressive policies that are enveloped by the gossamer web of Peres’ lies. The women moved forwards confidently challenging the soldiers’ weapons and saying to them, go back to your girlfriends and wives, your governments have transformed you into tools for murdering us and your own humanity every second of the day. The soldiers glared at us but remained silent and the women marched past them continuing their demonstration, while at the top of the hill the soldiers in the tank held their guns up ready to shoot. The soldiers at Al-Ram chekpoint however, threw sound bombs and tear gas at us and the Israeli jeep drove into the crowd to disperse the demonstration. Some women were injured – Itaf from Beitunia and Kawthar from Kufr ’Ein. Hanan Ashrawi’s legs were burnt by the sound bomb. The smoke rose in columns in the area and the young men rushed forward to build barricades in preparation for the funeral of a young Palestinian boy, Mouhamed Nassar, who was martyred after his skull was crushed by the settlers of Neve Ya’cov (an Israeli settlement built on the lands of Beit Hanina, north of Jerusalem). His ribs were crushed and he was then thrown in a park next to the settlement. The tortured women and children of Palestine call on you to end the occupation, your silence is a position that does not help in building a true and just peace in the area. Your silence will not help us to achieve this peace in the whole region. Why, why does the world see that monetary support, which comes to the dead could make us calm down and why do they not see that economic and political support should come to the living so that we can survive. What are you waiting for? – For the Palestinians to annihilated like the Red Indians in America? The movement of nations and their struggles have obliterated the principle of eliminating nations and their human and national rights. We call on you to be with us as Israel’s iniquitous aggression is a disgrace for all humanity in the 21st century. No one should shirk their responsibility!!

Amal Khreshe


The Palestinian Working Women Society
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1. The email address and the website referred to in this text have been closed down by the Israeli military as part of their effort to cut the Palestinian resistance off from the rest of the world.


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