Milton Fisk

Socialism From Below in the United States



AFL – American Federation of Labor

AFT –American Federation of Teachers

AWP – American Workers’ Party

BPP – Black Panther Party for Self-Defense

CGC – Coalition for a Good Contract (UAW)

CIO – Conference of Industrial Organizations

CLA – Communist League of America

CLP – Communist Labor Party

CLUW – Coalition of Labor Union Women

CNP – Community for New Politics

Comintern – Communist International

CORE – Congress for Racial Equality

CP – Communist Party

CPLA – Conference for Progressive Labor Action

CWA – Communication workers of America

DP – Democratic Party

DRUM – Dodge Revolutionary Union Movement

EC – Executive Committee

FF-LP – Federated Farmer-Labor Party

FSM – Free Speech Movement

GDUP – Dynamization Groups for Proletarian Unity (Portugal)

HUAC – House Unamerican Activities Committee

IBT – International Brotherhood of Teamsters

IEB – International Executive Board

IEO – International Executive Officer

IS – International Socialists

ISIndependent Socialist (1967-69); International Socialist (1969-70)

ISC – Independent Socialist Committee (1964); Independent Socialist Clubs of America (1967)

ISL – Independent Socialist League

ISO – International Socialist Organization

IWW – Industrial Workers of the World

LALabor Action

MFD – Miners for Democracy (UMW)

MFDP – Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party

NANew America

NAC – National Action Committee (predecessor of the EC in IS)

NC – National Committee

NINew International

NLF – National Liberation Front

NPNew Politics

OL – October League

PAE – Permanent Arms Economy

PFP – Peace and Freedom Party

PL – Progressive Labor Party

PRG – Provisional revolutionary Government

PRP – Proletarian Revolutionary Party (Portugal)

PROD – Professional Drivers’ Council on Health and Safety

PSC – Political Solution Caucus

PWE – Permanent War Economy

R&F – Rank and File

RSC – Revolutionary Socialist Caucus (SDS)

RSL – Revolutionary Socialist League

RT – Revolutionary Tendency

RU – Revolutionary Union

RYM – Revolutionary Youth Movement (SDS)

SDF – Social Democratic Federation

SDP – Social Democratic Party

SDS – Students for a Democratic Society

SNCC – Student Non-Violent Coordinating Committee

SP – Socialist Party

SWP – Socialist Workers’ Party

TDC – Teamsters for a Decent Contract

TDU – Teamsters for a Democratic Union

UA – United Action (CWA)

UAW – United Auto Workers

UC – University of California

UFT – United Federation of Teachers

UFW – United Farm Workers

UFWOC – United Farm Workers Organizing Committee

UMW – United Mine Workers

UNC – United National Caucus (UAW)

UPS – United Parcel Services

WP – Workers’ Party

WPWorkers’ Power

WSA – Worker-Student Alliance (SDS)

YPSL – Young People’s Socialist League

YSA – Young Socialist Alliance

YSL – Young Socialist League


Last updated on 9.1.2002