Milton Fisk

Socialism From Below in the United States



Oral tradition is an indispensable source of information on the history of any group or tendency. The following account relies almost as heavily on conversations with those involved in the events as on external and internal publications. Conversations with David Finkel, Joe Fine, Harold Kincaid, and Steve Zeluck have provided essential links in the sequence of events.

Greenwood Press, as part of its project of reprinting left journals of the first half of the century, has made The New International, during the full quarter of a century in which the journal was published, easily accessible to research libraries. Films of all numbers of Labor Action, during the eighteen years of this newspaper’s existence, can be requested at and made available by most research libraries. Indiana University had a complete set of Independent Socialist, International Socialist, and Workers’ Power newspapers. Research libraries which do not have them can be requested to provide them on film. These journals and newspapers are a basic point of departure for anyone who wishes to investigate the history of socialism-from-below since the thirties and, hopefully, dig deeper into it than does this account.

JoAnn Underwood-Fisk has been unstinting in her efforts to bring this pamphlet out. She typeset the text and prepared it for publication.


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