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The main organiser of this page, Einde O’Callaghan, is Director of the German-language section of the Marxists’ Internet Archive and of the James Connolly Internet Archive. He is also a member of the German socialist organisation, Linksruck, which is part of the International Socialist Tendency. Nevertheless, neither the Marxists’ Internet Archive nor Linksruck/IST are responsible in any way for the contents of this site. But, of course, the political orientation of this site does indeed reflect the politics of the IST.

An attempt has been made to ascertain the copyright status of all texts included and obtain permission from the copyright holders of all texts that are not in the public domain. If anybody feels that their rights have been injured please get in touch with the Webmaster and we will sort out the problem. In some cases we have been unable to find the copyright holder and would be most grateful for any information that would enable us to contact the copyright holder.

The presence of an author in this archive does not imply that the author is in agreement with all or even any of the other opinions expressed in this archive. Nor does it necessarily imply that the organisers of this page are in full agreement with everything the author says.


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