Socialist Worker


Bernadette lashes Lynch

(SW, 21 August 1969)


Last weekend demonstrators in Dublin were brutally attacked by the police when they marched on the British embassy. On Monday, In Derry, Bernadette Devlin MP said she had a message for the South’s Prime Minister, Jack Lynch: “People here fought the police for 30 hours and we hoisted the flag or the Citizen’s Army. The Irish Times today, carried a photograph of a citizen of the Irish republic lying where he had been beaten by the Gardai and that same flag of the Citizen’s Army was on the ground with him.

“If Jack Lynch or the Gardai think that James Connolly or the men who died with him did so that the country that flies the tricolour could stamp on the Starry plough, I will go down to Dublin and throw a brick at Jack Lynch.”


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