Socialist Worker

(21 August 1969)

Socialist Worker, No.134, 21 August 1969.
Transcribed by Michael Gavin.
Marked up by Einde O’Callaghan for REDS – Die Roten.

The attitude of the International Socialists to the introduction of British troops in August 1969 has been a subject of much controversy on some parts of the left. The usual allegation is along the lines that Socialist Worker either called for the introduction of troops or welcomed them. The articles below are from the first issue of the paper after the deployment of troops. Whether the line adopted was correct or not, it should be clear from the articles that the allegations described above are false and that the IS didn’t regard the troops as the solution of the crisis.

In the appendix are the articles on Ireland from the Socialist Worker, No.137, published on 11 September. These show how the position developed in the weeks after the introduction of British troops.



Socialist Worker
(11 September 1969)


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