Socialist Worker


Clark Hypocrisy

(SW, 11 September 1969)


Chichester Clark’s statement on Tuesday that the barricades must be removed underlines the urgency of the situation in Belfast, the desperate need for the embattled Catholic areas to defend themselves against further murderous attacks.

Clark promised reforms if the barricades go. No one will be taken in by this hypocrisy. O’Neill promised reforms – and the wild men of the Orange Lodges chopped him. Clark is much more a prisoner of the far right than his predecessor and knows that he dare not ignore their wishes and attempt to introduce minimal civil rights for Catholics.

Clark’s statement was praised by the spokesman for the extreme right, William Craig, who congratulated the prime minister for saying that law and order must be restored. Craig’s idea of law and order is the right for armed hooligans to terrorise the Catholic areas.

The Catholics must defend their barricades, if necessary against the troops.


Last updated on 20.6.2002