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The following texts are available either here in the archive or at other sites:


Anne Alexander
Powerless in Gaza: the Palestinian Authority and the Myth of the “Peace Process” (2000)

Joseph Algazy
Children of the battlefield (2001)

Tariq Ali
State of uncertainty (2001)
What’s next in Iraq? (2004)
Will Pakistan Jump to US Demands? (2001)

Kieran Allen
Is southern Ireland a neo-colony? (1990)

Uri Avnery
Twin Towers (2001)

Abbie Bakan
Kronstadt: A Tragic Necessity

Chris Bambery
How to beat the Nazis (2001) (with Lindsey German)
Imperialism (1986)
Permanent Revolution (1983/1986)

Colin Barker
A note on the theory of capitalist states (1978)
Origins and Significance of the Meiji Restoration (1982)
The State as Capital (1978)

Meron Benvinisti
Unilateral separation leads inexorably to apartheid (2001).

Berkeley Unit of AGSE/UAW Local 2865
University of California Divestment Resolution (2001)

Peter Binns
Castro, Cuba and Socialism (1980) (with Mike Gonzales)
Cuba, Socialism and the Third World (1980) (With Alex Callinicos & Mike Gonzales
“Popular Power” in Cuba (1983)
State Capitalism (1986)

Ian Birchall
The First Ten Years (1975)
Kinnock’s Favourite Marxist: Eric Hobsbawm & the Working Class (1983) (with Norah Carlin)
Sartre and the Myth of Practice (1970/1971
The Smallest Mass Party in the World (1981)

Robin Blackburn
Class Forces in the Cuban Revolution (1980)

Lenni Brenner
Zionism in the Age of the Dictators (1983)
The Iron Wall (1984)

Colin Brown
Bloody evidence of Jenin (2002) (with Phil Reeves & Raymond Whitaker)

Ray Burnett
Derry: Fighting under the flag of the Citizens’ Army (1969) (with Eamonn McCann)

Alex Callinicos
The Anti-Capitalist Movement and the Revolutionary Left (2001)
Cuba, Socialism and the Third World (1980) (With Peter binns & Mike Gonzales)
The grand strategy of the American empire (2002)
Marx: Hit and Myth (1999)
Marxism and the National Question (1999)
Theories of conflict (2001) (with Luca Casarini)
Trotskyism (1990)
Which way for the movement? (2002) (with Mike Gonzales)

Norah Carlin
Kinnock’s Favourite Marxist: Eric Hobsbawm & the Working Class (1983) (with Ian Birchall)
Women and the Struggle for Socialism (1985)

Luca Casarini
Theories of conflict (2001) (with Alex Callinicos)

Anna Chen
George Orwell – a literary Trotskyist? (1999)

Tony Cliff
All that glitters is not gold (1947)
British Policy in Palestine (1938) (writing as L. Rock)
The Class Nature of the “People’s Democracies” (1950)
Class Politics in Palestine (1939) (writing as L. Rock)
Class Struggle and Women’s Liberation (1984)
Conflict in India (1947)
Deflected Permanent Revolution (1963)
The Economic Roots of Reformism (1957)
Introduction to Whither China? (1969)
The Jewish-Arab Conflict (1938) (writing as L. Rock)
The Jews, Israel and the Holocaust (1998)
Marxism and the collectivisation of agriculture (1964-65)
Middle East at the Crossroads (1945)
The Palestine Question: An Exchange (1938/1939) (with Ben Herman & The Spark)
Roots of Israel’s Violence (1982)

Alexander Cockburn
The Next Casualty – Bill of Rights? (2001)
Was It Really Worth It, Mrs. Albright? – The Price (with Jeffrey St. Clair) (2001)

Judy Cox
An introduction to Marx’s theory of alienation (1998)

Hazel Croft
Religion, rebellion and reaction (2001)

Dave Crouch
The Bolsheviks and Islam (2006)

Aryeh Dayan
You can’t show medical papers to concrete blocks and deep trenches (2001)

Derry Young Socialists
Unionists show they can only rule “through barrel of a gun” (1969)

Shaun Doherty
Will the real James Connolly please stand up? (1998)

Hal Draper
Marx and the Economic-Jew Stereotype (1977)
The Two Souls of Socialism (1966)

Andy Durgan
Ultra-Leftism (1987)

Michael Farrell
The Struggle in the North (1970)

Rob Ferguson
Chechnya: Russia does it Nato style (2000)
Chechnya: Russian roulette in a high risk war (2000)
Chechnya: Russia’s return to the Great Game (1999)
Russia: Business means business for the west’s favourite warmonger (2000)

Milton Fisk
Socialism from Below in the United States (1977)

Robert Fisk
The credibility of US policy on the conflict has been shattered (2002)
Terror in America (2001)

Paul Foot
Shelley: The trumpet of a prophecy (1975)
Tony Cliff Obituary (2000)

Peter Fryer
Hungarian Tragedy (1956)

Panos Garganas
Macedonia: Repeat Performance (2001)

Phil Gasper
A scientist of the people (2002)

Joel Geier
Vietnam: The Soldier’s Rebellion (1999)

Lindsey German
Frederick Engels – life of a revolutionary (1994)
How to beat the Nazis (2001) (with Chris Bambery)
The movement stays on the streets (2001)
Reflections on the Communist Manifesto (1998)

Pete Glatter
Victor Serge: Writing for the Future (1997)

Mike Gonzales
Castro, Cuba and Socialism (1980) (with Peter Binns)
Cuba, Socialism and the Third World (1980) (with Peter Binns & Alex Callinicos
Which way for the movement? (2002) (with Alex Callinicos)

Chris Gray
Ulster: how the police state started (1969)

Richard Greeman
Victor Serge and the Novel of Revolution (1991)

Reg Groves
The Balham Group: How British Trotskyism Began (1974)

Duncan Hallas
Against the Stream (1972)
Britain’s oldest colony: A history of famine, brutality ... and heroism (1969)
Building the Leadership (1969)
Fourth International in Decline (1973)
Introduction to Origins of the IS
The Meaning of Marxism (1971)
Sectarianism (1985/1987)
The Stalinist Parties (1951)
Towards a Revolutionary Socialist Party (1971)
Trotskyism reassessed (1977)

Chris Harman
Anti-Capitalism: Theory and Practice (2000)
Argentina: Swimming with the tide of revolt (2002)
Better a valid insight than a wrong theory (1977)
Engels and the origins of human society (1994)
Globalisation: A Critique of a New Orthodoxy (1996)
Imperialism: East and West (1986)
Movie with an open ending (2000)
Party and Class (1969)
The Prophet and the Proletariat (1994)
The Return of the National Question (1992)
Russia: How the Revolution was Lost (1967)
The state and capitalism today (1991)
To vote or not to vote? (2002)

Nigel Harris
The Mandate of Heaven (1978)

Amira Hass
Protected by the “system” (2001)

Mike Haynes
The outcasts of Europe (2000)
Was there a parliamentary alternative in Russia in 1917? (1997)

Ben Herman
Zionism & the Lion (1938)

Edward S. Herman
“Antisemitism” as a tool of Israeli ethnic cleansing (2002)

Baruch Hirson
Ten Years of the Stay-at-Home (1961) (writing as Socialist League of Africa)

Christopher Hitchens
Israel Shahak, 1933-2001 (2001)
Wiesel Words (2001)

Charlie Hore
China: Whose Revolution? (1987)

Goretti Horgan
Changing women’s lives in Ireland (2001)

Justin Huggler
Israel cannot hide the evidence (2002) (with Phil Reeves)

International Socialist Group (GB)
The terror attacks in the US and the consequences (2001)

Israeli Academics
To Faculty Members of Palestinian Universities (2001)

Vladimir Jabotinsky
The Iron Wall (1924)

Gareth Jenkins
Centrism (1985/1987)
Walk on the Wilde side (1997)

Boris Kagarlitsky
The Russian Left Today (2001)

V. Karalasingham
The War in Korea (1950)

Karl Kautsky
Foundations of Christianity (1908)

William Keach
In Perspective: Alexander Cockburn & Christopher Hitchens (1998)
Rise like Lions? Shelley and the revolutionary left (1997)

Adam Keller
Al-Khader today: the true face of the occupation in a nutshell (with Beate Zilversmidt) (2001)

Mike Kidron
Imperialism – highest stage but one (1962)
International Capitalism (1965)
A Permanent Arms Economy (1967)
Two insights don’t make a theory (1977)
A united workers’ republic: The only way to stop Ireland bleeding (1969)

Baruch Kimmerling
The Right to Resist (2001)

Naomi Klein
Game Over (2001)

Richard Kuper
The Meaning of Marxism: A Study Guide (1972)

V.I. Lenin
Socialism and War (1915)

Abram Leon
The Jewish Question: A Marxist Analysis (1946)

Gideon Levy
Leaving humanity behind (2001)
The long, dry summer (2001)
On the way down the slippery slope (2001)
The price of restraint (2001)
A slice of roadblock reality (2001)
Twilight Zone: No water in the pipes (2001)
Under the volcano (2001)

Lutte Ouvrière
Western gun ships and missiles can only feed terrorism (2001)

Eamonn McCann
Bloody Sunday inquiry (2001)
Derry: Fighting under the flag of the Citizens’ Army (1969) (with Ray Burnett)
The roots of revolt (1988)

Paul McGarr
Engels and natural science (1994)
Why green is red: Marxism and the threat to the environment (2000)

Sheila McGregor
Rape, pornography and capitalism (1989)

Dave McNally
Socialism from Below (1984)

Phil Marfleet
Islam – force for change? (2001)

Drew Middleton
South Africa Needs More Arms, Israeli Says (1981)

China Miéville
Fantasy and revolution (2000) (interview by John Newsinger)

Militants for the Fourth International (Israel/Palestine)
Defend the Palestinian People’s Intifada (2000)
Let Us Turn the Land Day into a Day of Struggle on Both Sides of the Green Line (2001)
The Palestinian Question and the Struggle for Socialism in the Middle East (2001)
May Day 2001: Victory to the Intifada! Down With the Government of War Criminals! (2001)
May 15 – Nakbah Day: Let Us Turn the Memorial Day into a Day of Victory! (2001)

John Molyneux
Is Marxism Deterministic? (1995)
National Oppression and National Liberation Movements (1983/1986)
Terrorism (1987)
What is the Real Marxist Tradition? (1983)

Michael Moore
Death, Downtown (2001)

Kevin Murphy
Setting the Standard for the Study of the Russian Revolution (2004)

Balász Nagy
Budapest 1956: The Central Workers’ Council (1961)

Jonathan Neale
Afghanistan Impasse (1981)
Afghanistan – the horse changes riders (1988)
The Afghan Tragedy (1981)
The long torment of Afghanistan (2001)
What would a socialist society be like? (2002)

John Newsinger
British intervention and the Greek Revolution (2002)
Fantasy and revolution (2000) (interview with China Miéville)

Steve Niva
Addressing the Sources of Middle Eastern Violence Against the United States (2001)

Einde O’Callaghan
All power to ... the Limerick Soviet (1990)
Radical Royals (1988)
Skin deep socialist paper (1989)

Paul O’Flinn
Them and Us in Literature (1975)

The Palestinian Working Women Society
Palestinian Women’s Demonstration (2001)

John Pilger
Inevitable ring to the unimaginable (2001)
Not in our name (2002)

Dragan Plavsic
The Return of Empire (2001)
Wars Without End (2001)

Yuri Prasad
Europe’s New Fascists (2001)

Radio B92 (Belgrade)
Interviewing Chomsky (2001)

John Rees
Engels’ Marxism (1994)
Imperialism: globalisation, the state and war (2001)
NATO and the New Imperialism (1999)
The revolutionary ideas of Frederick Engels (1994) (editor)
Socialism and War (1990)
The Socialist Revolution and the Democratic Revolution (1999)
Tony Cliff: theory and practice (2000)

Phil Reeves
Amid the ruins of Jenin, the grisly evidence of a war crime (2002)
Bloody evidence of Jenin (2002) (with Raymond Whitaker & Colin Brown)
Israel cannot hide the evidence (2002) (with Justin Huggler)
Survivors of Jenin creep home to see destruction (2002)

Dave Renton
Against Management – Harry Braverman’s Marxism
Bread and Freedom – British Soldiers and Egyptian Trotskyism
The Dissident Marxism of Victor Serge
Karl Korsch’s Marxism
Paul Lafargue and the Right to be Lazy
The Poetics of Propaganda – David Widgery

Revolutionary Communist League of Palestine
Against Partition! (1947)
Against the Stream (1948)

L. Rock (Tony Cliff)
British Policy in Palestine (1938)
Class Politics in Palestine (1939)
The Jewish-Arab Conflict (1938)

Maxime Rodinson
On the General Nature of the Conflict (1982)

John Rose
Israel: The Hijack State (1986)
Jesus: history’s most famous missing person (2001)

Steven Rose
The measure of a man (2002)

Chanie Rosenberg
Palestine Solidarity in Israel (2001)

David Rubinstein
The Elections in Israel and the Crisis Opened by the Intifada (2001)

Edward Said
Islam and the West are inadequate banners (2001)

Jeffrey St. Clair
Was It Really Worth It, Mrs. Albright? – The Price (with Alexander Cockburn) (2001)

Ygal Sarneh
A revolutionary life (1991)

Ralph Schoenman
The Hidden History of Zionism (1988)

Yossi Schwartz
The Danger of a New War in the Middle East (2001)
The Marxist Position on the Durban Conference (2001)
The Three Intifadas and the Crisis of the Israeli Left (2001)

Helen Scott
The Mark Twain they didn’t teach us about in school (2000)

Peter Sedgwick
The Crucial Year: Victor Serge on Class and Party (1972)

Tom Segev
Contradictions and lies (2001)

Lance Selfa
Zionism: False Messiah (1998)

Max Shachtman
The Struggle for the New Course (1943)

Ariel Sharon
Better a live Judeo-Nazi than a dead saint (1982)

Ahmed Shawki
Between Things Ended and Things Begun (2001)

Whither China? (1968)

Paul N. Siegel
The Meek and the Militant (1986)

Mike Simons
Darwin’s new dawn (1988)

Socialist League of Africa (South Africa)
Ten Years of the Stay-at-Home (1961)

Socialist Worker (Canada)
Special Supplement on WTC Attack (September 2001)

Socialist Worker (GB)
The barricades must stay (21 August 1969)
Bernadette lashes Lynch (21 August 1969)
Clark Hypocrisy (11 September 1969)
Conference backs Irish struggle (11 September 1969)
Defend the Barricades (11 September 1969)
Devastation in the US – Marxism and terrorism (September 2001)
Downing Street hypocrisy (21 August 1969)
Horror in the United States – Bitter fruit of US policy (September 2001)
Imprint (21 August 1969)
Money urgently needed (21 August 1969)
Solidarity campaign’s vital role in Britain (21 August 1969)
Where We Stand (21 August 1969)

Socialist Worker (US)
Special Supplement on WTC Attack (September 2001)

Socialist Workers League (Palestine)
All Power to the Popular Committees! (2001)
Criminal Act of Terror (September 2001)
Down With the Government of War Against the Palestinians and the Workers! (2001)
For a Common Struggle to Bring Down the Government of War Criminals (2001)

Socialist Workers Party (GB)
Marxism and the Modern World (1986) (educational pamphlet)
What do we mean by ...? (1987) (educational pamphlet)

Solidarity (US)
Social Justice Against Terrorism (2001)

The Spark (Workers Party of South Africa)
Zionism and the Arab Struggle (1938)

Pat Stack
The last emperor (1997)

Stern Gang
Proposal of Irgun Zvai Leumi Concerning the Solution of the Jewish Question and Participation in the War on the Side of Germany (1941)

Matt Taibbi
Far Gone in 30 Seconds – CNN Sentences Palestine To Death (2001)

Phil Taylor
Syndicalism (1987)

Studs Terkel
Have we learnt our lesson? (2001)

Leon Trotsky
1905 (1906)
History of the Russian Revolution (1931)
In Defence of October (Copenhagen Speech) (1932)
Lessons of October (1924)
Results and Prospects (1906)
Revolution Betrayed (1937)
The Workers’ State, Thermidor and Bonapartism (1935)
The Rise of Hitler and Destruction of the German Left (Selection)
Terrorism (1911)

Natalya Trotsky
Natalya Trotsky Breaks with the Fourth International (1951)

Megan Trudell
The Russian civil war: a Marxist analysis (2000)
When dreams came true (1997)

Immanuel Wallerstein
September 11, 2001 – Why? (2001)

Nathan Weinstock
Zionism: False Messiah (1969 – 1979)

Raymond Whitaker
Bloody evidence of Jenin (2002) (with Colin Brown & Phil Reeves)

David Widgery
Billie and Bessie (1984)
From bad consciences to the barricades: The escalation of the civil rights struggle (1969)
The Kerouac Connection (1969)
Lennonism (1985)
Too Much Monkey Business (1984)

Beate Zilversmidt
Al-Khader today: the true face of the occupation in a nutshell (with Adam Keller) (2001)

Howard Zinn
Retaliation (2001)

Annie Zirin
How the West Stood By While Six Million Died (1999)


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